Surf Ride Bali Team Trip Video

I had the pleasure to assist Surf Ride Media team with the video portion of a team trip to Bali, Indonesia. Check out what we came back with.

Bali, Indonesia // Documenting for Surf Ride #SRBALIBOUND

Here is a selection of my favorite images from a recent trip to Bali, Indonesia with the Surf Ride crew. As a Surf Ride Media team member, I had a great time documenting our experience. Kodak Ektar 34mm Olympus Om1, Koda Portra 120 Holga 120N


If you are the owner of this van, and would like to trade for a Toyota Tacoma, please email Thank you.  Kodak 400 Holga 35mm

La Viento

Amy en la playa. Kodak 400 / Olympus OM1

Photo Show at The Aloha Sunday Supply Company

I'm very stoked to be a part of a photo show at the Aloha Sunday Supply Company on Thursday May 3 2012. Cruise out. The flyer photo features Steve Peek at Sano getting ready to shred. Steve is wearing the Brixton Hudson hat in Aloha. Cheers!

Dream Machine

Kodak E100VS XPRO Olympus OM1 - Sano


Trying to keep my Holga135 dry - kodak gc 400